How to make your illusions real 

In this Workshop Francesca gets you to define your illusion and then helps you know how to create it.  

I found it a very stimulating workshop. It encouraged me to go in a direction I'd never even considered before and I ended up performing for the first time at a scratch night at Theatre Deli!  

John Quinn  

Francesca is such a confident and capable group facilitator. Her passion for the craft, talent and understanding of the business side of the industry instills motivation in all active participants. Her creativity is contagious.  

Amy Blake  

Francesca's session last week was positively inspiring. I came away from it fired up for action.  


Francesca led a Furnace session at Leeds Playhouse, focusing on ways to approach being creative in a competitive contemporary industry. Her confidence, drive and optimism has stayed with me and helped to provide an alternative perspective when things seem bleak. Her contagious energy, commitment to and focus on her craft, alongside an open willingness to help others find and set their own unique goals, made working with Francesca both a pleasure and a valuable learning experience. Thank you Francesca.